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Thoughts on Jesus's blood 23 x chromsomes and 1 y chromsome?

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I know to alot of you this isint any new news but they tested jesus's blood and they found some amazing things like white blood cells (Impossible in dried blood) and 23 x chromosomes and 1 y chromsomes, in other words, all of jesus's traits were from his mother which is impossible because the decides the gender... Not only that but this would match the virgin birth story this alone proves his birth is a miracle..

Heres the video:
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who are 'they' and where did 'they' get Jesus's blood from?

Bless you ....><>
Oh historians basically went on about a story where the crucifix was nailed and so it cracked the bottom of the earth, a roman soldier stabbed him and the blood went through the crack and was later recovered. It was brought to Israel scientists to test the blood and they had no idea who's blood it is but they told him.
Sorry. This chap has been discredited over and over again. There's no analysis of the blood available, no papers written up, no further samples of the blood, no name of the lab that did the testing, and so on.

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