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Thoughts on IVF or test tube babies

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Lanolin, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. Is this unnatural? I just hear a lot of test tube babies, apart from being super expensive to produce, end up having gender identity problems. Why would someone have IVF anyway. Why not just adopt or foster if you cant have children.
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  2. Ok dont worry it was just something going through my mind. I suppose its like asking someone why on earth would you have an abortion. People might give all sorts of reasons, but they will have to face up to God one day and explain why they killed their own flesh and blood.
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  3. If a man and a woman cant seem to have children and want them, then getting a bit of ***** and an egg and getting them together can be a good thing... but that said, using that outside the womb situation can lead to tweeking the situation to create a "modified" human, and that goes down a bad path, that would bring humanity great grief.
  4. Hmm Im not really sure I thought they were inserted into the womb shows how much I know I guess they need a third party or some intervention. But its more a case of, not what the man and woman want but what does God want?

    From what i heard many test tube babies have problems with gender identity. One case I knew was started out female but from teenage years turned male. The grandmother is understandably very confused about her grandchild. Which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to conceive. Im not sure you can put a price on having a child.
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  5. The problem is that folks just don't trust God to know what He's doing.
    They also are of the belief that they know better than God.
    And these are just the folks that believe that there is a God!!!!!

    I'm with you. There are so many children that could be adopted!

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