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This may sound small but I really need calm

In a few hours my school will go through a gruelling inspection. Please pray that we can do the best we are able. May we all do our best and show our best.

I really struggle thinking clearly when under pressure. Please pray I have clarity of thought and also deliver my lessons with confidence instead of being blighted by nerves. I can crack up when being judged. Please pray I am strong. Pray I show warmth through my teaching and that I answer all questions from the inspectors confidently and with clarity.

I have really worked hard and tried very hard. Please pray this is of good use to my children.

8 hours to crunch time 7 hours of scrutiny on Monday and Tuesday.

Pray I do this to his glory and praise.

Thank you

Love in Jesus

I'll try and make sure my anchor is firm in Him

God Bless
hi ya sis :love: how did your day go :love: I read this a little late. . .but im sure you were great God bless you and calm you with His loving hand tonight :love:
I am praying for you and with you Sleepy. May you find the strength to progress and impress with the help of Almighty God.Amen.


Hi Sleepy,

Good luck with everything. My sister gave my brother a good piece of advice that helped him in his board meetings, maybe it will be of use. "Remember always turn a negative into a positive". I have prayed for Monday and Tuesday to go well for you.

God Bless
Thank you folks

I was the only classroom teacher not observed. I left my door wide open to welcome visitors but they walked by. I delivered some good lessons. Very stressed today, relentlesss pace. We may be in trouble as a school.

We have lots of good lessons but 4 inadequate ones. It has upset those satff. Spirits are broken. Please think of them and our headteacher too who looks very ill. We also had an accident today, one of my colleaugues slipped on the floor at the end of the day and cut her head open on the radiator. She was taken to hospital for stitches. Our school could fail.

I am very worrried about tomorrow. I need my observations to be positive for the schools success. If that be tomorrow, who is to know.

Thank you sooooo much for your prayers. Back to work now. Let's hope we can all deliver what is necessary to pass.

Half way through though!!!

Thank you Jesus for your loving care today, tomorrow and always.

Blessings in Him
Good job sis :love: Lets go for round 2 :love: God is by your side hon :love: God bless you and protect you :love: