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this is me

Hey everybody!!
Im new here and thought I´ll interduce myself!!
sorry when some words aren´t spelled right!
I was born in the US but live in Germany!!

Welll Im 16 go to school and Im the oldest doughter from 4 Kids!!
okay well now ya know a little about me

god bless ya sunset:love:
Sunset welcome to the group and thanks for saying "Hello" and telling us a little about yourself. Hope to see you in Live Chat sometime.
Welcome aboard sunset

Your spelling is alright :thumbs_up i could read your post without problems.

I have been speaking english all my life and still have trouble with spelling sometimes. :embarasse

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

hi sunset, welcome! I to am the oldest of 4. we were all girls and drove my dad crazy!

AlabasterBox :girl:

hi sweetie, welcome on a wonderful page :ip: . . . im from germany too, mom of four kids. . . being the oldest sure can be very responsible work and sometimes it might be tough . . . but think about the blessings God has in store for you :present: . . . no matter what age. . . God has already planned out your life for you :thumbs_up and one of the special blessings was supposed to be the firstborn in your life :star: . . congrats on that one, love, peeps :love:
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