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This is how I met Brian through his older sister, Holly

I was friends with his older sister, Holly from Webster Elementary School; she knew my mom and my stepmother took me to school; about when I was 19; I met a friend that lived around Brian and Holly's neighborhood named Jessica and one day I was outside and she was on the corner of Jessica's house so Holly and I was talking about the past so she let me met her family so that was awesome though and I fell in love with her younger brother, Brian. I didn't know my mom lived around the corner from my friends. So that was awesome too.

I need prayer for my friend, Holly to get off drugs and live in a better place where those things aren't happening anymore.
Pray that God would draw Holly by his spirit...praying is a process, the more you pray for your friend, if it is in Gods plan, he will soften the heart. For no man can come to God except by the drawing of the Holy Ghost. And when we pray we must believe in them prayers...for God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.:star:

Will pray...

God bless
You are right!

You are right about we need to believe in praying to God about the people we love the most and God will heal her as my friend and my fiance's sister.

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