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This is an offer of a lifetime dont miss out

The most amazing cure for obesity has been found i kid you not.

Thousands of people all over the world have been searching for this cure now it is available to everyone willing to go out and recive it.
You might find this hard to belive but it is 100% free
There is no hunger ,no withdrawl ,no cravings

It is made by the greatest man who ever walked the earth so you can trust that this is truely what it claims to be.
It is delivered straight to your front door for free
You only have to take it once and the job is done

There are many out there who have tried to keep this information from you.
They would do anything to prevent you from having it

Side effects are as follows
A lean healthy body
Freedom from cravings,hunger, nasty withdrawl ,
Glowing skin, and your eyes will be full of light and love for all to see
It has been known to help all other medical problums too

There is a warning that this can be highly addictive
All who take it can become
Happy , content , blessed, have tendenices to do amazing work to help others, also people have been known to develop feelings of love towards others, those who do recive it their children have been known to suffer from happyiness

This is available for a limited time only

To recive your free gift

Jesus Christ ,son of God , saviour and king to all
Staff Member
Cute post, and very true. Jesus is the Healer for all things! If He Created all things, Saves all things, He surely can Heal all things!
It doesnt take time to ship the product, its there right at your door step. :shade:
Spot on....Mounty......Spot on

I am so glad that I have not missed out.......to have missed out, would mean to have missed out.........."not for the years of time alone........but for eternity".

So glad I am, by His wonderful grace......included.

Folks...........please dont miss out......

Hey Mounty, I called Him and the results are indeed remarkable. It is absolutely priceless but is free to all!!! -Thanks for the post
You thread is sooo sweet Mounty

:love: :love: :love: That is what I think of your free offer. Great advice to anyone who struggles with anything. It is an all round gift. Amen to you Mounty. It sure is a smiling display of wit.

Pixie::love: :love: :love:
offer of a lifetime

So good to read, thank you for sharing it.

Food is such a trouble for me - not all food. Mostly sweets. I exercise and by God's grace even like to now. Yet I know that those times I eat a whole bag of candy in one sitting - I need to go to the Lord instead. I'm better than I was before, but have o' so far to go. Please pray for me.

So great that the Lord loves us no matter what. Our Friday night Bible study talked about James chap. 1 last night, good stuff.

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