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This Is A Confusing Site

Confused about what? That there are different sections? I don't understand where you are confused, if you want some help just ask and there are people willing and able to help clear your confusion.
I'm just confused about the boards, theres so many, and Im worried that if I go on the wrong one, Ill get yelled at.
...what's confusing the posts or other stuff?Well when I first came here,even I was a bit confused navigating around(especially the Thread feature was new to me.) Also that menu(like a mint ring) still confuses me.I think there should a cool tip kinda thing when we point there..But anyways that dont matter much.I'm totally in love with this site.The best thing that happened on the internet!
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No they don't yell..'they' just tell you that your post has been moved to a more suitable board ... I had posted in a wrong board once, then brother Yeshua informed me that he had moved it thru a PM.And he was really really sweet,not yelling and all
No need to yell here, will take some time to figure things out, no big deal. That ring thing, I have never used...

but that is a secret so don't tell okay?? :)
Yelling??? No yelling???? What am I suppose to do then??? (stomps away shaking head) Just kidding!!!
We are all very nice if I may so and if there is any yeiing its about How much we Love the Lord ! Amen ? !
If you have anyquestions feel free to ask :thumbs_up
JOYFULLY (I know its yelling ...but its a GOOD yell lol ) ~ Jlu
Staff Member
I yell but not at you don't worry :D I'm known to be some things but thats the price I pay and what comes with the territory of owning and running a site like Talk Jesus. Its ok. We all love each other and above all, we love the Lord Jesus Christ :)

Go with the flow lol.

God bless you