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Third Day fans?

Formerly Adiaglow
I was wondering if any of you liked Third Day? I have slowly progressed into a huge fan of this band. Their music and love for the Lord is amazing! I'm seeing them in concert on July 16! I'm so excited!

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You are in for a treat ! I saw Third Day with D.C.Talk awhile back and it was great . My favorite Third Day songs are [ I will hold my head up high , and You're love oh Lord ] I have allot more but you will see what I mean ! Caution , bring ear protection ! lol They play pretty loud ! Enjoy and let me know how it went . :love: :boy_hug: Brother Mike
I like Third Day too, especially their offerings 1&2 I used to volunteer at a lot of the concerts and had the opertunity to meet them and some others as well. But they are one of my favorites.
Seeing "Third day" Live will be a treat for you. I have seen them many times and each time it is better then the last. I have even taught my youth group some of their songs, and even the "older generation" in the Church was enjoyed them. I have all the albums and listen to them regularly, it is great worship music.
Lets us know in a Post how the concert goes.

in Christ Service,
Your Pastor T
Oh my goodness Third Day are awesome in concert! They came to Parachute this year! It was so cool! I have their CD! Have fun!
Formerly Adiaglow
Wow, lots of fans on here! :)
I wonder if I could volunteer at the concert...that would be fun! Thanks for all the review, y'all! The closer it gets, the more excited I get!
Formerly Adiaglow
-mf- said:
I like 3rd day.....mac powell has a unique voice..:)
i know! the way i heard about them is a duet he did with Caedmon's Call. that's what led me to finiding out about the band!
I absolutely love Third day. They are totally AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! The only problem for me as a South-African is that they will probably never play in this country. They came here a month ago with u2 and jars of clay but not to play. They came to do humanitarian work. Micheal W. Smith was also with them.

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