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Ok so dont laugh i was bored and i wrote a poem ha!

here goes

I woke up this morning, and i didnt feel bad
I lied still in my bed, and thought of all the things i had
a room that is mine
a house that is safe
some people living close by, but stayin out my face

I think im realy lucky, to have come across TJ
I did not ever think, that there was another way
a brand new start
with god in my head
and lots of diferent friends in the computer by my bed

I coulnt be more happy, then i am right now
im not sure how to do stuff, but i think god will tell me how
to hold my tonge and temper
to trust him and be kool
and not to be rebelius and be stubern as a mule

I hope i never loose his love, by lying to myself
and thinkin i am 'all that' when i am on the road to hell
i want to make him love me
i want to make him glad
that he let me in his family and gave me all i have.
wow good :love: you came up with that just layin in bed??? it really expresses your heart. . .thankfulness and being humble under Gods leadership in your life are reflecting :love: you must have some really awesome hours with your Lord these days God bless you and continue to feed and nourish you with His Spirit :love:


wow, dont laugh?! thats rli good! i wud never b able to do sumthin like that, u have a gift!! write some more i think ud b very gud at it :D
awwwwwwwww....thats soooo good!!!!!!!
i got tears in my eyes from reading that!!!
its really really really really reallly really good!!!!

god bless

It was strong, clear and completely fresh :thumbs_up

A great read, thanks for sharing

:note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note: :note:
WOW! I am so impressed, I could never do that. What a picture you painted, love it! Come up with some more, you got a fan club here.
wow that was really a nice poem ! Far from laughing.... i think it sets you thinking and thanking God for every little blessing... :) :)