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Think About it

If you remember, last week we looked at the episode in John 8 where a woman is caught committing adultery and is brought to Jesus by some self-righteous hypocrites who are trying to trap Him with the Law of Moses. In reply to their questions, Jesus bends over and writes on the ground. So just what DID Jesus write in the dust on the ground in John 8:6-8? Perhaps He wrote similar sins each of the religious hypocrites had committed. Maybe Jesus was just ignoring the woman's accusers and showing them contempt for the trap they were trying to set for Him. He could have simply written each of their names in the dust, thereby letting them know He knew each of them by name. In fact, there is an obscure prophecy from Jeremiah 17:3 that says, "All who abandon you will be put to shame. They will disappear like names written in the dust." These religious leaders would have been familiar with this passage and would have understood its implication. I think it's all of these and more. Take a moment to consider this... This one and only time we read of Jesus writing anything, He may have written the same words God the Father wrote the one and only time He wrote in the Old Testament. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN - which basically means, "Your days are numbered; you've been weighed and come up lacking; your kingdom's gonna fall." Then He fulfilled the prophecy from Jeremiah 17 by writing each of their names in the dust. And finally, Jesus revealed each of their own hidden sins, fully exposing their shamefulness. So what's the lesson to be learned? You think about it, reply back to give me your thoughts, and we'll conclude this episode next week. God be with you all...