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There's a place

There's a place with no pain.
A place with no tears.
A place of beauty.
A place of peace.

There's a place with golden streets.
A place with mansions high.
A place with a river running through it.
A place with richness like nothing on Earth.

There's a place with no hunger.
A place with no fear of being alone.
A place of belonging.
A place of pure joy.

There's a place with angels.
A place with a mighty chorus.
A place with laughter.
A place of true delight.

There's a place with a throne room.
A place with a golden gate.
A place with majesty.
A place where God Himself dwells.

There's a place called Paradise.
A place where I am going.
A place where I hope to see you.
A place of eternal life.

There's a place, I know it is real.
A place that is near at hand.
A place that will always be.
A place I want to take you to.

A place called HEAVEN!