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Theory Application

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Im desperate to find someone other than Joe Satriani who uses 'Pitch-axis theory' in their compositions, I'd like to see what they come up with in various styles. Also, anyone into classical guitar ala Yngwie Malmsteen? Anyone into classical music in general? Also, how do we in Talk Jesus feel about 'modes'? Ok I think thats about the size of it at the moment, I'll potentially be back.
THe Dorian is nice, inspired by Bach and Vivaldi not really 'technically' classical but does it work for you?
Phrygian Dominant!!! I love the sound of the harmonic minor scale and that of the phrygian dominant mode.When playing in major keys I like Phrygian or Lydian mode. Lydian is a favourite of Joe Satriani. The Blues scale is nice too, my influence from Slash I guess. He used that scale in box shapes for almost every solo. However, the melodic minor and diminished scale are great too. Nothing better than a diminished run. And of course swept arpeggios. Now thats something that Im still working on. I've returned to my Strat for I feel the shape suites shredding better. The Les Paul is a bit chunky, but very soulful, so I use those for different styles. I think its the bridge. The Les Paul is more angular, whereas the Strat seems very flat lying, which suites sweeping in my opinion. If I ever get the money I would like to get an Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat with scalloped fretboard. That would be nice, also with the better pickups. Well thats my opinion.
I'm in shock....... i dont even know about half the things you are talking about, but im not that far in music..... yes i do like classical(among other things) in general. My favourite is Bach and Beethoven. I like a little of Mozart. i also like some jazz. ok,
God bless :shade:

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