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then searching, now waiting...



i live in a community of not that many believers and so the “few good men”. then “where have all the good men gone?”… i say “if not taken, they’re nowhere in sight”. :sleep:
i used not to mind at all, but eventually i came to the point of searching. And yet I found no one. my friends would tell me that maybe i’m just picky. i'm not. i just have preferences. :wink: i want him to share the same faith w/ me…a true Christian.
when i was searching, i was thinking of the possibility w/ a non-believer…well, just maybe. but i only ended up discouraged. :rain:
but that was then...and now, I’m just waiting…IN GOD’S TIME.
amen sister. God will work it out. You dont have to look and you dont have to settle for less than Gods best. Once you give it up to him he'll work it out in his time. lol its working on his time once you've been called to someone thats hardest i think lol. anyway. God bless, and keep pressin on.
Good deal Jei! God knows your heart, and is preparing the right person for you right now!

Stay strong, and don't settel for less!
God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Me too sisters! It's funny, my mom keeps pushing me to find someone and get married, but I am not going to push on God's will for me. I don't want to anyways. I mean I am only 17, soon to be 18 and mom is like, you need to be married by 20! That does not give any time to meet, and get to know anyone! I am not going to marry someone I don't know!

I know God has someone out there for me, and in His right time, God will bring him to me. I always tell people I don't want to get married, and start a family, but deep down inside I do. You know, like most people, I do not want to be alone, but I do not want to miss out on what God wants as well.

So it is best for us to wait, because true love is patient. And that's what I want to be for God. Patient. :love:
Many of us are at the same situation, but a non-beliver is not what God have to you Bible have told about that.
We can't have with than a aliance.
It is dangerous.
non of yours brothers around of world, nore God want yout o suffer.
Keep your faith.
Jeus is already bringing your present.
See you soon !
Now i know what a master our body is.Can't one just say "enough body, its not God's way now".Does that sound uncaring or unreal?, well but let me say its possible.
I have been in that valley someday but i'm out ,and what i learnt from the valley is that the body is subject to the spirit of God if we will allow him to.But we have to put a personal effort ,Example by assuring ourself that i know i will make it God's way, so excuse me "body".
Victory over ones self is the sweetest achievement at that.
Keep on keeping on.