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Then Came "Luther' and someone Said: "LORD There is a WILD BOAR in Thy Vineyard

And A Wild BOAR was HE :pensive: When i study him over 40 years ago, For my uncle told me about him, long before. I paid Him no mind. Then about 4 years later when I started Studying The Biographies of The Great Reformers. I never knew, GOD had such men as these! And The Boldness of Theirwords they used! And Richness. and Deepness of Their lives' into The BiblicaL TEXT!
All of these men and woman and Teens, many died and was set on Fire, burning them alive! But Still They where BOLD! Ands stood their ground!
Dying violent Deaths, They where declared "OUTLAWS" by KING and CHRUCH! They had to Hide! But still They Proclaim "The GOSPEL ACCORDING to JESUS"