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The World has become Dominated By "IDOL" Worshippers They Love The Golden Calf and GOD has Blinded Their eyes To The TRUTH

And the most interesting thing is, even many christians cannot see "The Type & Shadows" in front of Their faces in full view "The Kaleidoscope."

And it makes you wonder, This has to be falling Judgment upon the "Whole WORLD" for when "GOD" Judges, the Whole World is judge as a whole. He did say . Observe "The FIG Tree and Its Branches". [observe the World and its countries] and you are Going to know it is near. [The beginning of sorrows, we sometimes wonder]. Look at the Churches and what they look like, sitting on "The 7 CONTINENTS of The WORLD" LOOK at Them and WHAT do they look like. OPEN your eyes and LOOK!

Many think I am talking to you but i am not.:pensive: But I am talking to my True brothers and sisters who are in "Christ Jesus" and He called your name too. Just like, when HE called Me, calling us by our name, In a way that this world or the religious could ever understand or ever heard the sound of HIS voice. And he and He only have taught us how to love each other in a way This world and people can never or have THE ABILITY TO EVEN IMAGINE How it is. For we are not The people of This WORLD and His Love for us goes Beyond a "BENEVOLENT" Love that He has For This WORLD! This Special LOVE HE HAS For us is BEYOND the BEYONDs. And It was Way before The WORLDS EXISTED "The FOUNDATION of THE WORLDS"

Today, this Thread or post is not a "SALVATION" or a "EVANGELISTIC" or Come to JESUS message but "VERIFYING " Who we are and not what we are trying to be.:pensive: For WE are not trying to be "SANCTIFIED and Flowing into "HOLINESS" Be we, who are The SPECIAL ONES are "Moving into "SANCTIFICATION & HOLINESS" BECAUSE HE is HOLDING OUR HANDS and HE will not LET GO! For HE LOVES us with a SPECIAL LOVE. For we will be "GLORIFIED" we WilL be "THE MANIFESTATION OF THE GLORY OF GOD Our FATHER throughout ETERNITY! Before the very day you came into The KNOWLEDGE that YOU ARE One of The CHOSEN that was so "ORDAIN" before The FOUNDATIONS of THE WORLDS" GOD YOUR FATHER>

LOVEs You and No Devil, Beast or Human being Cannot destroy That "TRUTH" or ERASE it away. no matter how many lies they may drum up or breath out with the breath of Their mouths for We are THE CHOSEN FEW":pensive:

So do not let these
"Creatures" who walk this earth which is their home, and not ours
Discourage you with the lies and the enticements and the pleasure of Their World, no, do not be lure by their enchanting words of "IDOL" worshipping a form of "JESUS" which is a "Imitating Jesus" and not "THE CHRIST of THE LIVING GOD" The devil Appears as an "Angel of LIGHT" But The TRUE LIGHT, EXPOSES the Devil who has The Appearance of "LIGHT". Do not fall for their Counseling! Do not fall unto them Leading you in to the hands of Men, driving you farther from Your "LORD" for that is their duty to drive you into the hands of man and Far away from "The CHRIST of GOD" and Doing it in the Name of Jesus. They are driving you from JESUS by using the name of JESUS. For The Devil and His workers are Crafty and skillful in what they do.

"you must be wise as SERPENTS and harmless as Doves' "Behold I send you in the mist of WOLVES"

"YOU KNOW MY NAME" "Now GO and LET Your LIGHT SHINE! And EXPOSE THE DARKNESS which is Rich in This LAND! And Burn Bright expose the WORKS of DARKNESS and KEEP Burning Bright. And Let not your LIGHT GROW DIM!
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