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The world’s greatest salesman

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The World’s Greatest Salesman
“If you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, some if it is going to stick.”
—Joe Girard
Many people call themselves great salesmen, but Joe Girard has convincing evidence. He was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for several years in a row as “The world’s greatest salesman.” As a Chevrolet salesman in Chicago, Joe racked up sales record after sales record. How did he do it? Joe’s techniques are simple and straightforward and can be used in almost any market. He made himself known by giving away thousands of business cards each year. He even threw them into the stands at football games. Each customer was placed on Joe’s list and received a greeting card every month, for New Year’s, Valentine’s, birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Once a year Joe sent his list of “friends” a sales kit that included a packet of Joe’s cards and a $25 reward offer to each friend who sent in a new customer. When Joe had free time at work, he was on the phone, cold-calling prospects and gathering names of new prospects.
Joe recognized the importance of each person. His “Law of 250” states that if a person is given a bad deal, he can adversely influence 250 other people. On the other hand, if that person is given a good deal, he can influence 250 other people to think highly of Joe Girard. If a customer had a problem with a car, Joe personally saw to it that the problem was resolved. The customer knew that he was buying more than the car, he was buying the services of someone who could and would step in to keep him satisfied with what he bought.
Consider This: Are you working your list of customers, clients, or constituents? Are you keeping in touch, always saying “thanks” to them, and keeping them satisfied?
Submitted by Richard