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The Word of Our Testimony

My mother was Catholic and my father was Jewish. My dad wanted us to be raised in the Jewish faith and shared that with my mother. My mother's response was: "Are you going to bring them to temple every Saturday?" - Needless to say I was raised catholic. I never got the saints' and praying to them. As a matter-of-fact I seemed to always fall asleep during church, I really think it was because of the peace I felt in G-d's house. However never remembered which saint was for which gift and never prayed to them like other Catholics did. I believe this was G-d. My Grandmother however was devout Catholic, kind, loving and she taught me how to pray the "Our Father", which I would say every night, kneeling at my beside.
Testimony: The entire family (cousins, aunts, uncles) would meet at my Grandparents house on the weekends in Newark. When I was 10 years old there was a torrential downpour so hard and fast the sewers couldn't keep up with the rain and it left pools of water where street once were. Us 7 kids were tickled - it was like a giant FREE pool we could cool off in. My cousin Stacie and I, she was about 6 years old, were wading threw the water. I looked up and saw a City Bus heading our way in the distance. As it got closer I noticed the driver was not happy, He actually look scared. Turns out he had no brakes and there were children and people everywhere. The water was above the wheel wells of the bus and as it was approaching us it was pushing threw a huge wave. As the wave approached I realized my cousin wasn't tall, strong or old enough to bear the waves force so I picked her up and leaned against the thick glass window of a pool hall. As the wave approached I heard a voice (that still small voice) - it said "STEP FORWARD". I stepped forward - my cousin and I were lifted by the wave as it passed us and broke the window behind us. Water flooded into the pool hall and it reached level to the pool table tops. I decided to take my cousin back to grandma's house and as I carried her home I heard cries of parents desperately looking for their children. In the news that evening there was said to be a child that was sucked into the sewer where they were drowned. G-d saved us from being hurt. Realize that I was just a child, there was no way I could have learned what G-d's voice sounded like, I just obeyed without even a thought.
Staff Member
Thank-you for sharing this story with us Brother. Truly like children we must be.
A child knows authority when they hear it in the voice of a person. How much more in the voice of God!
Again, thank-you for sharing this story from your childhood.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Staff Member

Those who have heard remember. There are so many voices in the world but none are like the Lord.
I think quite a few testify to hearing at a time of trouble.

I can rejoice that the LORD is faithful in all He does.

Bless you ....><>

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