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The Word For Today/A mother's mark

Staff Member
Today is Mothering Sunday in England.

A mother's mark!


The Bible paints various portraits of mothers, and while they weren't perfect, each one tells a story. Moses' mother broke the laws of the land to ensure his safety and teach him the faith of his people.

Then there's the Mum who came before King Solomon, prepared to forfeit her child rather than see him harmed. James and John's mother loved them so much that she wanted them to sit on either side of Christ in His future kingdom.

And Paul saw in Timothy a young man of sterling character because of the '...faith...handed down from [his] grandmother Lois to [his] mother Eunice...to [him]...' The most significant thing we know about Timothy's mother is that her Mum was a believer, because while your faith can't be 'inherited' it can be passed from generation to generation through the influence of godly parents.

A little boy forgot his lines in the Sunday school play so his mother leaned over and whispered a cue, 'I am the light of the world.' The kid beamed, then with great feeling announced, 'My mother is the light of the world!' We smile, but the truth is mothers write on the hearts of their children what the hand of time can never erase.

EW Caswell said, 'It's only in [later] life that men gaze backward and behold how a mother's hand and heart...shaped their destiny.' Chuck Swindoll adds: 'If you were blessed with a good mother, you reap the benefits the rest of your life. If your mother neglected your needs...much of what you suffered can't be erased. For good or ill, a mother's mark is permanent.' So, Mum, what kind of mark are you leaving on the lives of your kids?

written by Bob Gass
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