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The Word 4 today/Scriptural keys to

Staff Member

Scriptural keys to success in life (1)

'A man's gift makes room for him.' PROVERBS 18:16

Your giftedness will get you noticed, separate you from the rest of the pack and give you a head start on others. But your advantage will only last so long. Song writer Irving Berlin understood this truth when he said, 'The toughest thing about success is, you've got to keep on being a success.

Talent is only a starting point in business. You've got to keep working that talent.' You can't coast on your abilities. If you try to wing it, others will soon fly past you.

Mega-best-selling author Stephen King asserts that, 'Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.' Much of that work takes place in your character and your private world.

Haven't you known people who should have risen to the top but didn't? They had all the talent they'd ever need, but they didn't succeed. Their talent made them stand out but their lack of integrity made them sit down. Their friends, families, coaches and bosses saw their giftedness but wondered why they kept falling short of expectations. Their talent opened the door but their wrong choices shut it.

Consider Nehemiah's talent. He rebuilt Jerusalem's walls in under two months; an astounding feat! Now consider Nehemiah's character. While some of his peers lined their pockets by lending money at such exorbitant rates people couldn't repay it, he said, 'What you are doing is not right' (Nehemiah 5:9 NLT). Then he announced, 'I did not act that way. I also devoted myself to working on the wall' (Nehemiah 5:15-16 NLT). Want to develop your character? Follow in his footsteps!

Scriptural keys to success in life (2)

'I will never leave you nor forsake you.' JOSHUA 1:5
Imagine trying to fill the shoes Moses walked in. Joshua wondered, 'Do I have what it takes?' Then God told him:

a) 'I will give you every place where you set your foot' (Joshua 1:3 NIV). God promises success to those who have the faith to take the first step, and keep walking with Him regardless of what they encounter. That means showing up earlier, staying later, and working harder.

b) 'No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life' (Joshua 1:5 NIV). Expect opposition; certain people will always 'stand up against you.' In his book High Maintenance Relationships, Les Parrott identifies the types of people who will do this: critics who constantly complain or give unwanted advice; martyrs who are forever the victim and wracked with self-pity; wet blankets who are pessimistic and habitually negative; steamrollers who are blindly insensitive to others; gossips who spread rumours and leak secrets; control freaks who are unable to let go and let things be;

back-stabbers who are two-faced; green-eyed monsters who seethe with envy; volcanoes who build steam and are always ready to erupt; sponges who are always needy and never give anything back; competitors who always keep track of tit-for-tat.

c) 'Be strong...because you will lead these people to inherit the land' (Joshua 1:6 NIV). Successful people are not necessarily more gifted; they're just more passionate. What do you pray about? Cry about? Dream about? What are you willing to risk everything for? That's the well from which you'll draw your strength and your strategies when you experience setbacks, when others disappoint you, when the job feels too big and you feel too small.

written by Bob Gass

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