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The Will

Staff Member
The Will

- June 20, 2005

A close neighbor passed away rather suddenly not long ago. In the following days, it fell to his children to look through their dad's possessions. It was a difficult experience, because of the circumstances. As they searched through the tools, golf stuff, supplies, magazines, and various other things, they were surprised at some of what he had.

No matter how private a person you are, when you die, possessions are no longer under your control. The Bible warns us of getting too attached to this world's things. Jesus said, (Mark 8:36) "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?"

Each of us should consider that question. We have to plan ahead, much like someone might make a will to take care of their affairs when they die. In a sense, we make a will when we tell God that we want Jesus Christ to be a part of our lives. In doing so, make the most important plans that can be made, those that affect our eternal destination.

Have you made plans for your eternal future? If not, why not do something about it right now? The Bible says "Now is the time for salvation!" I urge you to plan for your eternal future right now. You don't know if you will have time to plan later.

Contributed by Michael Ullrich. Michael has served in pastoral ministry since 1979. His weekly devotional column appears in numerous newspapers, magazines and online publications, as well as on his Web site. He and his wife, Bonita, have seven children.

Amen to both of you mighty men of God . The harvest is plenty . But the workers are few . It has been a true blessing the way God has molded us all together ! 5 months ago , we were all scattered , but the Holy Spirit has brought us home !

Thank you guy's for everything . I feel as if a mighty army is growing . Mike