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The WIcc

Hi all! I have already requested prayer for my friend Rene involved with atheism and some sort of satanism. Now satan has put a new thing on his way through a friend of his who he thinks is the best person ever and in fact is the one drawing him deeper and deeper into all this nonsense. This friend is on his way to America. Please pray with me that his papers are ready this week so that he can leave and the ties between them can be broken. He is also trying his best to get Rene to go with him, he on the other hand is starting a business with his girlfriend she is 45 and he is 20. I pray it works and that his girlfriend wants nothing to do with Rene. The girlfriend and all her family are wiccans. This friend has also introduced Rene to a white witch through webcam on the internet so that he has some kind of way of "getting him to want to go to AMerica with him to go on with his "satanic duties". Please pray with me that GOd breaks the ties between the two and that everything works out fine. I know Rene says he is an atheist and has no religion but I saw pentagrams and stuff like that on his cellphone. (I also deleted one for him). Please pray hard with me I beg of all of you so that he can be helped and saved.

Love Valie
what proof do you have that our friend is involved in satanism apart from a pentagram here and there. And while all forms of occult are directly or indirectly serving satan. The upright pentagram is also a a symbol for wicca

Yes pray for your friend, love her and value her and accept her where she is at, in this moment in time... You may have this overhwhelming urge to tell your friend why what she is involved in is wrong. resist it. From my experience the more you lecture your friend about why what she is involved in is wrong, you run the risk of driving her further away. If you arent doing that, thats awesome if you are, you will have more sucess with my first sugestion, be prepared to answer question, but also be prepared to be real, and if you dont know the answer to one of her questions tell her, that you will find out from someone else

I will pray that your friend gets off this path quick, and also wisdom for you and God shows you the best way to help your friend
Thank you....you have at least two wrong facts....the pentagram is not the only proof I have....but I don't see the need to put it all on the net....furthermore my friend is a boy called Rene not a girl...but ja...I am not preaching to him in any way whatsoever I just have many prayer groups and I myself pray very hard for him. Thank you for you reply anyway. ANd thank you that you would also have Rene in your prayers.
Of course I know nothing, its not like I spent nearly a year of my life in the cesspool of wicca. If you take the time to read my post properly, nothing was posted as fact merely "If this is what you are doing , you wont help your friend'

And like I said the pentegram is not only a symbol for satanism, the upright pentegram is used in wiccan

I am glad you have your head screwed on straight, its amazing how many christians who mistakenly believe that if they can talk long enough and hard enough at their friend or loved one in the occult they will save the,. because all that usually happens is that their friend runs a million miles in the other direction