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The Watchman's Call

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The Watchman’s Call

The watchmen stood in days of old
Upon the walls in heat and cold
Always alert, always prepared
For the enemy hidden there

They lifted their trumpets high in the air
And sounded the warning no time to spare
The raging battle left many dead
The city was safe many prayers were said

The warning still sounds even today
As you calmly go along your way
Can't you see the enemy around
Can't you hear the trumpets sound

Can’t you feel the pain of many
Those who have chosen to join the enemy
Can’t you hear their mournful cries
As they suffer in their daily lives

Can't you reach out to those in chains
Those who won't speak the Master's name
Why do you laugh and dance around
Can't you hear the trumpets sound

Written September 2010
Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to Him.

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