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The Voice

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My foolish pride burned the

bridge that connected me to you.

The space now between us says

I cannot return the way I came.

So, I scream my lungs out

of my throat, hoping that will help,

but that makes everything worse.

My head hurts, my brain can’t think straight, and

I want to be in the

comfort, security, and peace

that is you. To do so, means

to jump across to your side. What if

I fall and I die from

it? I am so alone now. You

can’t even help me. Please help

me! I scream to the nothingness, but

all I hear is my echo.

You left me here all alone, all

alone to hear myself think.

Then, I hear it, a soft voice calling

my name. Somehow over

the loudness of this world, I could

make out what that whispery

voice was saying. “I love you” it said.

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