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The Virgins are Lazy Today, It doesn't really Matters, But wait until Tomorrow! No one will have the time for You

You will be on Your Own! And you cannot read that fast. to many books out there. and most everyone has a different story and Bible:eyes: And you are going to be leary about everyone else that are left behind, of what they are saying, concerning these events. Because if they knew, how come they didn't go too? The plot thickens, the devil is still here. :eyes:
And he sure do not want you to catch the Next flight out. He is trying to take as many as He can with him.

Even The type of Ministry The Holy Spirit engage in during the Administration of the "Church' Age.. Could be absent in this Fashion.
Now who are you going to follow? The last Preacher, Years long ago, said just believe. You still here. Another running around, who said she excepted; Jesus when she was 8, 40 years ago. then the other one said: he got "Baptize' when he was 10 years old 35 years ago, He still here. and Sister Sally, proclaim she got "Baptize" in "Jesus Name" now 62, then 13 at "Riverdale Missionary Baptist Church" and taught Sunday School there on and off for about 42 years. An met and buried her Husband there. Then there is "Johnny and Marsha" who parents told them they were saved as babies when they were "Christening and Sprinkling upon the Faith of Their parents, either "Baptist, Methodist or RCC". but yet they both are still here. and no real guides.

Am I making any sense here?

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