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The Veteran

He wore the badge

upon his chest

for all to see

his bravery.

For when the fight

was gone, frustration

did not set in.

This man of loyalty

unknown, gave his

complete adoration

to the land of which he came.

Some men were prepared

that day to die and

go without a word,

but he was there

to act, to rise to the task.

This man held the emblem,

the stars and stripes

he did wear around his

arm. His burden he

did carry with patience

and with virtue plain.

I watched his hand

with a finger lost,

and wondered why he

cared so much for you and I.

He pointed to the heavens

as a flaming star went by,

and I knew without a doubt

why he had gone through

the pain and horror.

This man had pretended

to be strong, acting

disappointed when war

was not around.

This man had no

other choice, but to

sign for the public

the signature that

made him opposite

those that put us under.

This man with a medal

could not pretend that

all that was happening

was no burden or no trouble at all.

When in reality, it was

the ultimate combination of

a punch in the gut

and of loyalty and trust.