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The value of life

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I was thinking about an article Chad posted about being fearfully and wonderfully made. ( Psa 139:14; )

If we are of so much value to God, shouldn't we value each other?

It's been an interesting week. A major league baseball player ( Daniel Murphy : NY Mets ) decided to miss a few games because his wife
is having a baby. A lot of people were upset by this. Some television sports personalities made comments like,
"His wife should just a C-section and get it over with".
"He should just get a nurse of nanny for the baby".
"I would never leave baseball for my family".
"I would never leave my job , even if my wife was having a baby".

I don't know if Mr. Murphy is a Christian, but my respect for him just went up.
In this case, his job, baseball really is "just a game". No ones life depends on it.

Yet just this last week, even in my own workplace, I've heard comments like...
"I will never have kids, they are too much trouble, besides they cost money to bring up".
"I can't wait until my kids get to be teenagers so I can quit spending so much time with them"
A married parts vendor here this week from out of state - "I miss my wife, but I really miss my dog".
"I hate listening to my wife, she always wants to tell me her problems during the game".

Many young professionals I know readily put their kids in day-cares, nanny's, or even live-in children's academies.
A married couple I know told me they leave their kids in daycare for a couple of hours after they get off work - "because we just don't want to deal with them".
One married couple I know live in two separate houses, they say they love each other, date each other, and are affectionate,
but really don't want to live together because their tastes in food, decor, television shows, and music are too different. "Besides, she doesn't
like my dogs jumping up on her, and I'm not going to get rid of my dogs."
Some young people down the street who are living together but "just haven't gotten around to getting married yet" have a two year old infant that
"they take to grandma's almost every night, because we are tired" and "on the weekends we want to out drinking with our friends".

I also saw on the news a few days ago about a shooting on a military base in TX. 3 people killed, 16 people wounded.
Another story on the news says a woman with 4 children left her entire fortune to 12 cats. Her children got none of it.

How did human life become of so little value to us? Why are human emotions such a burden on us?
Are we really that selfish? Do we really get into relationships thinking "what's in it for me?".

Jesus told us to love one another. In fact he said all of the law of the prophets depended on this. He went on to say,
the world will know we are Christians by our love. If love is what makes us different from the rest of the world, shouldn't we be showing it?

Are we really so selfish that our jobs, hobbies, and pets come before other people? Even our families? I have been married over half of my life.
Sometimes it's hard. I've had 4 children (seven if you count step-children) sometimes they are a pain. Some have been involved in drugs,
alcohol, one was even in jail a couple of times. There have been times, I was so tired and drained that I didn't want to listen to my wife. Because
we were both working, I've had to put some of my kids in daycare. I know life is hard sometimes. But I made a promise to my wife, and to God...
it said for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health... and all of those things have happened many times.

Maybe life isn't all about us and what we want. Maybe the purpose of life isn't always to make us happy, maybe sometimes it's to make us Holy.
Maybe loving other people, and bearing each others burdens is part of what sanctifies us. Maybe we can take time and get involved in other
people lives, even when it interferes with ours. Even when we're tired. Even when we have our own problems. Maybe this is how we show the
love of Christ to others.

By the way - I've had 6 dogs through the years. I never loved any of them more than my family.

John 13:34-35;
John 15:17;
Gal 6:2;
Matt 24:12;
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