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The Trap of Pride

Staff Member
But David did not take the number of those twenty years old and under, because the LORD had said He would multiply Israel like the stars of the heavens. Joab the son of Zeruiah began a census, but he did not finish, for wrath came upon Israel because of this census; nor was the number recorded in the account of the chronicles of King David. 1 Chronicles 27:23-24 NKJV

After enjoying incredible success, King David wanted to look at some numbers to find out just how successful he had been. Putting down such an impressive number would clearly set him apart from everyone who followed him.

Have you been tempted to count something that demonstrates your accomplishments to everyone in your circles? That temptation may be a helpful clue about the parts of your life you are clinging to and that you have prioritized over God or serving His people. It is enough to be faithful and to trust the final numbers with God. While it may be appealing to tally your accomplishments for all to see, the praise and esteem that matters the most comes from God.

This may require swallowing your pride, but you could find that such measurements are quite toxic for your soul. If only God knows what you’ve accomplished, then your glory will come from Him alone.

Prayer: Lord, help me to let go of my desire to be recognized and admired for my accomplishments by anyone but You.

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