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The Tabernacle! Three or just ONE? from EXODUS 38

Continuing in a Midrash over Parashah “P’Kudei” (accounting of) in Exodus 38, the tabernacle seems to be mentioned/referred to in three ways;

1. HaMishkan (The Tabernacle)
2. HaMishkan, HaOhel Moed (The Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting)
3. HaMishkan, HaEidut (The Tabernacle of the Testimony).

In reality, there are ALL the same, yet referred to by different names. Why is that? Why does Moshe refer to them in different ways? Perhaps we can see the ministry of Adonai in different ways.

“HaMishkan” If we go back to the ancient Hebrew spelling of the word “Mishkan” It is spelled with 4 Hebrew letters. “Mem” “Sheen” “Kaph” and “Nun” It comes from the verb “Sh’ken” which is “to dwell”. The reason that Adonai ordered Moshe to build the Tabernacle was so that HE could dwell amongst HIS people. One can look at the letters from the ancient Hebrew perspective and say;

“The Living Water who is the All-Consuming Fire anoints (his people) with life” … or … “Our lives became anointed when the presence of the All-Consuming Fire /the Living Water is amongst us”

“HaOhel Moed” (The Tent of Meeting) Why do we go to the synagogue/church? Because it is the meeting place where we meet with Elohim. His spirit is there! Even if there are only two believers present in some place, HE is in the midst! So, Adonai dwells with his people so that we can “meet” with HIM. “Ohel Moed” has 7 letters, “7” is the number of perfection. “Aleph” “Hey” “Lamed” and then; “Mem” “Vav” “Ayin’ “Tav”

Again, going back to the ancient Hebrew understanding of the symbolism in the letters, we could understand these two words in the following manner: “Behold the God of Instruction and Teaching (gives his people/us) the “living water (of the word) which connects us with insight, which is at the door”. When we meet with Adonai, we are taught His Word through his chosen teachers, we are taught about Yeshua who is the “Living Water” who gives “insight’ (or understanding). The understanding is there at the door, all we have to do is open the door (of our mind and heart) to receive it. It is interesting that the last word “Moed” has the letters “Ayin and Dalet” which spell “Witness” there are witnesses when we meet with Adonai, Adonai himself and his holy angels besides those who are there to receive the Word of God.

“HaEidut” (Testimony or Pact) The Mishkan was also known as the “Eidut” the Tabernacle of Testimony. What is the testimony? The testimony is the presence of the “Tables of the Torah” The tablets of the Commandments which were placed in the Ark of the Covenant. The word “Eidut” spelled in the Hebrew consists of three letters; “Ayin’ “Dalet” and “Tav”. When we see these from the ancient Hebraic perspective, we can see this message; “Insight is at the door of the Covenant” or we could also understand it as; “The covenant gives insight, and that is at the door”. The letter “Tav” in the ancient spelling looks like a cross leaning to one side. It speaks of the New Covenant under Yeshua, and when we understand (insight) the message of “Yeshuah” (Salvation) then that “Yeshuah” is at the “door”. All that we need to do is open the door and receive “Yeshuah” that comes from “Yeshua” (seems like a play on words). Again, we see the two letter “Ayin and Dalet” (ED) yet here they are reversed, yet they are still present, the “Witness”

In conclusion, the Tabernacle was all about where Adonai came to dwell amongst his people to dwell with them, teach them his word, his ordinances, his commandments, to direct them to a new lifestyle other than the life they had in Egypt.

We meet with Adonai in HIS place of worship to receive his word, and to allow HIM to dwell inside of us through His Holy Spirit. We learn His Word and his Word directs ALL to YESHUA, who is the New Covenant

Rabbi Ben Avraham (Jimmie)

(just finished my Ebook "God Tales An Anthology," just have to get a website now)
God did desire to dwell in the midst of His people. And the location of the Tabernacle was centered within the tribes of Israel. Yet, after the idol worship of the golden calf, God had Moses move the tabernacle and pitch it outside the camp or without the camp. (Ex. 33:3) (Ex. 33:7) That was when it was called it the Tabernacle of the Congregation. (33:7)

So, was the whole Tabernacle proper moved outside the camp? Or was just a separate tent set up outside the camp with the Tabernacle proper remaining centered among the tribes of Israel?

Love the tabernacle analysis of Jimmie. I agree w him. One Tabernacle..to meet w mankind. God doesn’t travel. He’s already there. Yet God chose the garden of Eden to reveal His presence to Adam. Though everywhere..He chose one place/spot/location for Presence, meeting and relationship. Adam and Eve rebel/sin against God and hide. God says “where are you?”..because they’re not in His presence..the spot He chose to be with them.

The Tabernacle was constructed and designed after the blueprint of the Garden. Again, it is the spot..the designated location where God chooses His Presence. One God, one location, one spot of Presence. One Garden, one Tabernacle, and eventually it would be in “One Man”-Christ where His Presence would only be manifested.

The Garden had one entrance eastern where God placed the cherubim. No cherubim at the entrance until sin. Now, to seek His Presence u must enter the door (eastern gate) whereupon entrance demands life be given. It’s now a bloody mess in God’s spot, His dwelling and chosen location.

Christ is the Tabernacle and the door of entrance to Presence. He’s the structure of Presence, Temple of Presence, the vessel of Presence..for God was “In” Christ to reconcile us to Him. But the door will not open without life given. And God doesn’t have life except in the son.

That’s why I love John 3:16 so much. For God so loved the world (us) that He gave His only human born son (which was the only life He would ever have). He gave His “Only son, His Only life so none should perish.

Isaiah 9:6- a child is born (that’s the Tabernacle), a son is given (that’s His life). He was the Almighty God, the everlasting, eternal Father...

And God did all of this (gave even His life) Not to be “with you” but ultimately to be “In you”!.....the eternal designated Spot of His Presence.

Well, that’s just one opinion.