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The Squirrel

Staff Member
The Squirrel - October 31, 2005

Sitting in my chair one morning, gazing out the back window during my quiet time, I noticed a very busy squirrel. He appeared to be in a hurry, going back and forth, back and forth, almost in a frenzy. I thought how this resembles my life at times. I am in a hurry so often, rushing around to accomplish one chore or another. Do you feel the same way? Then I saw that this little squirrel had a purpose; he was gathering nuts and storing them in his nest. He was very intent upon this endeavor, not letting up for a moment. He was storing up his food for the winter.

I wish I had his undaunted drive and relentless effort in the storing of my spiritual food. If I stayed in The Word and gathered God's great truths, it would be wonderful. God has put all the stories, messages, parables, psalms and the good news in the Bible so we would know and "store" His great truths in our hearts.

As the squirrel stored the nuts, we should store God's Word. Then we would all be more prepared to survive our "winter" season.

Contributed by Marion Smith