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The Spirit

I't can't be locked, it can't be tamed or pushed into a mould
the Spirit like the wind is wild, it will not be cajoled.

He'll testify to me , one says, and show you things to come
and so it is that those imbued, will gloryfy the Son.

The Harvest's ripe, so lift your heads, the people begging feeding
life giving bread to satisfy, their lost and desperate needing.

The focus on my altered life, is mostly self absorbtion
the tune I know so well is sung, I'm overcome with boredom.

Now, there's the resurrected one, to him, there is no equal
God come to earth in mortal form, we're waiting for the sequel.

We're going some direction, revealed by how we fare
in whom we introduce to folk, somebody's stamp we bare.
Dear Babylonnian,

Thank you for sharing The Spirit in Live Chat! Yes, when I meditated on the poem I was reflecting on when I cannot see the Spirit but know our Lord is there. I am reminded when I do have those times of self absorption to focus on Jesus' spiritual presence.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
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