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The Spirit of a Prophet - not what you might think

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For all those who have ideas about prophets and prophecy, this is a must see message.

Perhaps it is way past time for men to LISTEN and cease from having their ears tickled?
Before you watch and listen to this message, pause and decide if you are comfortable with your 'belief' about what a prophet is and prophecy as it is called today..... then watch and see what you think afterwards

Not only thrown out of synagogues but out of places named of John, Baptists. "Pastor" of first Baptist here judged another weird for what they said to him. I have been alone with God/Jesus a great deal of my life and, though I am no saintly human, He has never left me nor forsaken me. I know this not because of my feelings nor my circumstances, but because I have studied the word and sought God/Jesus and He has proven Himself to me throughout my life and has let me see His provision for us humans since the beginning. Thank you for yielding yourself to being used of God/Jesus on our behalf.

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