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The Spirit In You

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by Kallie, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. As i am new here i dont know if this is the right place to put this
    This is something i recieved form Louis Nel that i would like to share here
    i used a translator to translate to english ,so i hope it makes sense and that u can understand it.

    The Spirit In You

    John 14:15-31

    Jesus was prepareing His disciples for the fact that he was going away, and they were sad. But then came the good news: He will ask the Father to give them an Advocate (Parakletos) . What exactly does he mean with Parakletos?
    I will try to explain: Those years very few rich people could afford an education. The result was that the vast majority of the population knew nothing of the laws and justice. So a benefactor from the rich was named to teach the poor people what was expected from them, He had to teach,support and help them. The benefactor is the "Parakletos "above. So when Jesus propose the Holy Spirit to the disciples , He called him the "Parakletos".

    There are some very important things we need to know about the Holy Spirit - things which Jesus are telling the disciples about him, and things that we learn from the Old Testament.

    In the first place , the Holy Spirit is not only a power of God, but he is a person. If we read verse 17 we see that Jesus said: "The world can not receive Him because they see Him and know Him not. But you will know Him because He will be with you and in you ". Here, clearly referring to the Holy Spirit as a Person.

    In the second place, we know that the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son is the God trinity. From this section, we see that He is from the Father. in Genesis 1:2 refers to Him as the Spirit of GO D. In John 14:23 says Jesus, "We will come to him ....", the" We "referring to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    Thirdly, we see that the Holy Spirit is not meant for everyone . The Old Testament tells us that only very special people had the privilege to experience the Holy Spirit in their lives . We always read about a great figure: "The Spirit of God was upon him." Everything would have drastically changed with Pentecost, when Jesus "pours" out the Spirit over believers. Now it is not only special individuals, but all believers. But still there is a limitation: only believers will receive the Spirit - He is not for the unbelieving world. So if a unbeliever say that the Holy Spirit is in him, he is lying! "The world can not receive him," Jesus declared unequivocally in John 14:17.

    Fourthly, Jesus teach us that the Holy Spirit talks to us - He is the one teaching and reminding us of Jesus (John 14:25). How does he do that? No, he does not speak a language audible, but he speaks to our hearts. An example is the Bible. To the unbeliever, the Bible is a dead book. For the believer it is the Word of God, because when you read with a praying heart and an open mind, then the Holy Spirit speaks to you . You suddenly see things in a totally different light than before, then you know that the Spirit is with you . How do I know? It is often only an indescribable "feeling" of peace or salvation . When I wrote the morning devotions, it's just that peaceful knowing in my heart, that says to me that I wrote what the Holy Spirit wants me to write. It sometimes happens that I write something and in my heart there is a question mark - an insecurity problem. I go back to that part and change it, because then I know that was not what the Spirit wanted me to write.

    In the fifth place, we see that the Holy Spirit is not only temporary in our lives - for a little while, and then depart. No, he is forever in us (John 14:16). He came to live in us the day when we made a choice for Jesus - that day he came and fill your life. The question I have often heard, is why the voice of the Spirit can get still in my life? Perhaps I should explain with a picture: My life is like a bucket full of stones, where the stones depict sin. When Jesus came into my life, my bucket filled with the Holy Spirit. It is like a perpetual stream which flows. The sin stones cause, that there is not much place in my life for Him. However the more of these stones i take out, the more room there is for Him, and the clearer His voice becomes. What is this sinstones? Sin is not living according to the will of God . It is not just physical sins, but also not learning more about Him ,or not speaking enough to Him.

    In short we can say that the closer to God we live, the more we are going to experience the Holy Spirit in our lifes , and the more will will experience God's perfect peace and joy in our lifes .


    Lord, thank You that the Holy Spirit is also part of my life.

    Louis Nel (DRC North Coast)
  2. Amen x 19 my friend!

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