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the sparrow and the dove

this is a story i wrote for a friend of mine who was going through the roughest time in her life.
one day a sparrow was soaring through the sky till suddenly the sky grew dark and the thick grey clouds moved in . the wind was so strong that she couldnt fight against the wind , she grew tired and the rain beat against her.no matter how hard she faught she only grew more tired , lightning flashed thunder roared and she grew scared she looked for shelter and found a willow tree she soared down and landed on a branch where she took shelter. there sat a beautiful dove ,he slid dow close to her with out a word and covered her with his wing to protect her from the rain and cold wind.the small sparrow buried her head and closed her eyes fearing the storm. she trembled and was full of fear. then the rain stopped and she opened her eyes seen the rainbow and sun shining but the dove was gone.then she heard a voice and it said i have promised to be your refuge and fortress, seek me and you will be safe. then the sparrow knew the dove was the lord sheltering her from the storm.the moral of this story is no matter how big the storm we may go through in life GOD will always keep us in protection. the end :messenger
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ForeverwJesus, you have a passion for writing and agree with brother Al, very lovely story! I am blessed and to see the beauty of God's gifts such as yours. Please keep writing, sister!