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The Source

Change II

I posted three poems that were from my unshared archives of writing.

This is the second one that I've reconsidered, and so have deleted it.

(thank you "uknowme." I'm glad you liked it.)

Bless God,
To Christ
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Thanks again uknowme. The the love and joy of Jesus be your strength every moment. Amen. Here is a different poem born out of difficulties.

Under The Shelter Of His Wings

In all that moves upon our lives,
Blessings, trials, light, and strife,
Spring's renewal, changing fall,
God is cover over all.

The seasons transform present to past,
Rolling the future into now.
In folly we try to take control,
Still God is cover over all.

Lord, Thou art the motion
For tide of devotion,
Unbounded renewal by grace from above.
How great is Thy sending
Thy Son for our mending
To wash away fear with His love.

Fell the arid summer heat!
Melt the grip of winter bleak!
Acclaim the day is come in Jesus,
Love resounding core to zenith!

Time doth play upon our lives
The season's tones
In changing hues.
Though frail we are, prone to regret,
God gives each moment for His use.

Within our hearts,
His rhythm set,
Beyond a million thoughts that call,
Through blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ,
God is cover over all.

September, 1996
To Christ
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