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The Song of the Reprobate (Based on Romans 1:19-28)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by of_the_rose, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. I know the Lord, Glorious on High,

    But I chose to ignore and deny

    His mighty attributes and focus on mine,

    Because I am the wiser.

    I build great monuments with my hands,

    Of birds and creatures of all lands,

    Oh how great this work of noble man,

    To worship creation.

    Now I feel more free than before,

    Every whim of my heart do I adore,

    And something I desire that others abhor,

    Is the man just like me.

    I never knew how great it would be,

    To lay with another just like me,

    And with such passion how can it be,

    That I’m plagued with such a sickness?

    But how can that matter, or bother me?

    For I feel as though I live righteously,

    And just want the best for me, me, me,

    Don’t tell me to live differently!

    Now who is this man upon the throne,

    Who doesn’t look kindly on what he has known,

    About all of my deeds that I thought were good,

    Now all is understood.
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  2. Terrifically written, I think I know what it's about.
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