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The Soldier!

Discussion in 'Sermons' started by Brighthouse, May 11, 2013.

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  1. #1 Brighthouse, May 11, 2013
    Last edited: May 11, 2013
    My brothers and sisters in Christ! To those of us who have never been one,a soldier is given from ones own prespective,they of course very. But from a soldier please allow me to tell you what one is,what training one goes through to become one and yes always stay one! A Soldier by most civilians as we call them, is to be honored,but the reason they are to be, is not the correct reason for that honor. Civilians honor soldiers because they look to keep us free, and are willing to fight to preserve our way of life here.( 2 tim 2:3-4) You see brothers and sisters when you first join to become one,or like me was drafted to become one against my own wishes most really have no idea what that means!

    It means you become a slave! YES!!! A SLAVE!! You have no rights anymore! You are told how you are to act, and follow, and speak, and even live! The soldier has no say in this! You are willing to give up all thought,all purpose,all thinking, to train as one who is no longer moved by emotion,or feeling,but rather purpose! For in all the training of the soldier there is only purpose! Which results upon action in that purpose! A Soldier in not for the faint at heart,or for the one who wishes to stay weak in mind! It is a drastic new creature created by man for man! For anothers purpose!! Not your purpose!

    The armor of the soldier is staying strict!( 2 tim 2:5-10) not just upon his own life, but also for the lives of his or her fellow soldiers! Self dies to self! Self is preserved so that a soldiers purpose preserves the freedom of others. in words and yes in deeds! The soldier is willing to give up his or her life for another,and when in combat are willing to preform this act! No time for fear,only time for purpose! When the soldier has finished his task in the service to his or her Country,they are desposed of like some old rag, for the use of that soldier loses its value when they are no longer one.

    Not so in God's army!! But the old soldier of the world must now learn all new values,and thinking!!! You have heard the phrase it is very tough to teach an old dog new tricks.That is because the old dog has no desire to learn! It is old and tired and yes worn! I was this way! What is true honor to the soldier one may ask?? To understand like Israel did how much freedom really means!! For one can only understand this being a slave first! Then being truly set free! But the worldy soldier who has been set free is still in great bondage by the very training, and by the horror he or she remembers from there enslavement!

    While it is true they are no longer on a battlefield destoying there enemies, a greater and more powerful unseen enemy learks in the shadows of both the mind of the soldier, and in the opportunity this enemy takes!!( eph 4:27) the code of the Navy Seal in Vietnam was this."You have not converted a man because you have silenced him" To the soldier now weary from battle he remains silent to all who have not partaken of his or her horror,for how can one even look to understand the pain and suffering from a pit so great? Many wish to,many do there best to make every effort to,but alas it is not the same,and the soldier knows this! Few soldiers will ever speak this truth to the civilians for they cannot understand what they have never partaken in!

    But the Lord has led me to speak unto us today about the large differences through Christ Jesus! Now being a memeber of God own army,is so much more different from the old! There is a stronghold now!( proverbs 18:10!) A place to run and always be and yes stay!!! safe! There is security now!( 2 tim 2:11-13!)New teaching to help and renew the mind of the soldier in Christ! ( 2 tim 2:14-19) And instead of being a slave we in Christ Jesus are called servants!( 2 tim 2:24-26) there are warning sent to the soldier of going back to where he or she came from!( 2 tim 3:1-9) the protection or armor of God given to us 2 tim 3:10-17!!)

    To know and understand that being a soldier in God's army will not endear us to the world! verse 12 of chapter 3 The solider in Christ jesus has a NEW!!!! CHARGE!! ( 2 tim 4:1-5!!) AND!!! a new finish line! 2 tim 4:6-8!!) And from abiding through God's word and to be willing to learn his ways as Moses did( psalms 103:7) PEACE and REST are the outcome for this soldier! It takes discipline and very hard work for this as well!!( 1 cor 9:23-27)

    But we the new soldier can remain confident!!( phil 1:6) So the next time you see a soldier reflect upon these words,and remember!! As I have!!( mark 5:19) Go HOME!!! to thy FRIENDS!!!! AN TELL THEM!!!! WHAT GREAT THINGS THE LORD HAS DONE FOR YOU, AND!!!!! HAS HAD GREAT COMPASSION ON YOU!!! All I am today is what Jesus did to me and for me! And i am so VERY THANKFUL!! AMEN!! Blessing to all who read and understand what the Spirit of the Lord is truly saying!! amen!

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