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the smiling face

when friends let you down and others just move on
it sometimes feels like a heavy weight ton
when you feel theres no one to talk to and everyones gone away
you dont feel like you can face another day
when peers put you down and constantly make fun of you
it feels noone cares and your all alone too
but it only takes one smile from a friendly face
someone to say will you sit with me in this space
and that someone will ift you up when you feel your going to crash
that person will put you back together when you feel your heart is smashed
that person has become a friend who is dear to you now
and now they will stand by you when the world comes crashing down
so dont give up if you feel all alone cause their is a face waiting to smile
one thats just around the corner and is one to fit your style
for a smile from a friendly face can change your day around
it can make a horrible day shine into a friend now that youve found
so dont forget to smile even in your darkest days
cause that smile could give you a friend that always stays