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The Silverlight and men under captivity

please bear with me, a true event
Let me share a vision I saw about men under captivity, to give you an understanding where some women may be as well, all Men.
I saw myself in a hallway with many doors; both side of the hallway, each door was a look into the pasts, present, and future, at the end of the hallway, all where the same sides, but one was different than all, this door was transparent, you see in but you can’t see out.
The other doors were sealed with different types of symbols or letters, it’s was like Daniel's letters.

I did not open it, try to open these doors when I walk to end this transparent door had like a silvery look around it
I walk through I saw many, Many men were young and old, it was a “just” like a concentration camp, many men under captivity. I say concentration and captivity, why?
In this room there no windows, each man confide to one bed, no movement, the image as it was the day of war world 2, 1933 -1945, many Jews confide to one bed, this reminds of what happening at the Mexican border, or refugees migrants so sad.

Like 1933 -1945 Jews confide to one bed no movement in captivity, well what I saw was just men under captivity by Satan, but not just the soul of many, but the mind under captivity as well.
In this vision I saw men they were feeble and weak with no hope, as I walk around, they didn’t have love.

This place was huge inside, the wall was black, but the wall had condensation, the ceiling was non- existing you could see it, I could not see it at all. The men did not see me, but I can see them, it was a twilight atmosphere, gloomy.
My feeling was one of sorrow for them, as I walk through this vision; I say the vision for this place started as a dream.
Everything was detailed for me to see, suddenly at end of the wall, a flash of light appeared and a door reappears, I look back from where I came from, that door closed and the door became part of the wall, this door was not transparent but solid it was made of steel and iron, this door was about 50 feet tall, and 10 feet wide,

Suddenly the door open, a transparent woman came out of this door she was 8 feet tall with her skin, she was pale in blue, and she had on her, a dress with many objects, deck in jewelry and out of hands small living creatures, she danced around the men feeding them with these living creatures, they didn’t see them as creatures as food, the creatures were frog-like

This keeps these men, to keep them weak, these men where seduce by their own desire, by the means of Satan, an evil woman, beautiful in the outside, but evil inside.
This was an evil one, she did not see me, she was blinded from my appearance, she was dancing seducing the men to seduce men with power over them, she did not see me at all, and there was no fear in me

At the top of this endless ceiling a small a silver point of light, far off a small rumble, came upon this place, the silver light, coming down from a place no one can see, she stops dancing, the men cover their face from this silvery light, she also covers her face, I watch this drama as it unfolds, the silvery light got closer, this silvery light was man-like, but He was not alone, as they did get closer, just about my head, this man-like being, He was huge insides, masculine His splendor came from the silvery light from above, this silvery light giving Him, His glory like a beam of light, His body, this silvery light made His masculine man-like His body like prism, His Gory filled every place, that there was light that can escape Him, making everything transparent to His eyes I never saw anything like this, the small living creatures departed from these men, they run to her and in her, as whirlwind of fire around her, speed that I cannot measure, it affected her, she screams with speed and she vanished with no existence puff!!!

The men unbound from the nightmare the masculine man-like, His light you could not measure, it’s was not blinding to me, He gazed at me and smiled at me with content, and lift as He came in, His splendor in His Glory, made every silver as He lifts. I look at all the men young and old, their chain broking, the steel and iron door was still visible to me, I walk up to the door and open this door, a man-like person was at the by the door, as I open it, and look inside he too was huge, a horrible bruise on his left side of his face, the wound was transparent, there was music around him, put no instrument, but the same woman was dancing for him, and his hands on his left hand around his wrist was an iron chain, and the other a key, his splendor was a grayish gloom light his skin was pale white came around him, I look at him, the woman stops dancing, he looks at me, as he was really to leave this huge room I said to him, with a loud voice I said the name of Jesus Christ, he looks at me with a smile said that what you think, jumped of the room, he threw something at me, as I lift the door, the room that he was when up in flames, the door slam on him both chain and key fell in front of the slamming door.
As I when out into the hallway, the men follow me, the hallway with the many doors vanish, the men young and old were outside and were a relief from there captivity, as the rain came upon them and, as they raisin their hand onto the rain, that came on them, crying, saying glory to the highest, and peace to all men, as for me, I look back and saw a silvery light, I toward the light, the light became lamp I look up at the rain came upon me as well, but I did not get wet, but the rain became a very Lukewarm air came upon and around me, all this seem like hours to me.
But my sleep was at 4 am in the morning, I woke at 5 am from this vision, trying to find a name for this event.

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