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The Silver Unicorn of Peace (a fable)

July 22, 1996

My Grandfather created the story of the Silver Unicorn to help a frightened sick little boy, me, to sleep while I was battling Polio. I have always wanted to share the Silver Unicorn story with all of you. I wrote this as a response to dealing with the pain of a death in the family or the loss of a friend. It is a bit heavy and I think a tear jerker. So if you don't wish to cry don't read this. However, for some reason today, totally unknown to me, I felt compelled to write this. I hope that it helps the person that needs it.


The Silver Unicorn of Peace
(A fable)

"Grandpa what is that?" she said as she looked up at him with the sweet questioning eyes of a Seven year old.

"That is a Unicorn figurine dear."

"But Grandpa that doesn't look like your Unicorn, it's not white and it doesn't have any wings?" Her question was very insistent now.

"I brought this to you dear so that would have a Unicorn of your very own. So that you could sleep knowing that the Unicorn was watching and guarding your sleep dear. Do you like it?" He asked cautiously.

"Oh yes Grandpa he's beautiful." Her little eyes smiled brightly back at him and he knew that he had found the right gift to comfort her as she lay in the hospital bed.

Tubes ran every which way from the bed. Her little body wracked with pain from the cancer that griped her as she valiantly fought to hang onto her life. The fight was hopeless they all knew, they prayed and they still hoped for a miracle. The fight had been long and hard; radiation therapy to shrink the tumor, then surgery. Hope that they had gotten it all, followed by the discovery that the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system. Weeks and months of chemotherapy and its associated nausea and side effects had wracked her little system and taken their toll upon the parents, family and friends. Now they were here to keep vigil. The doctors, nurses and specialists had done all they could. She was slipping, slipping away from them. Their beautiful child, glorious grandchild and loving friend was about to leave them.

"Help us Dad." His daughter's pleading eyes had said it all. "Help us say goodbye to her."

So it for this reason, he was there to tell her his grand daughter one last story.

"I know the Unicorn guards my sleep Grandpa. You've told me the Silver Unicorn story so many times I know it by heart. It's so beautiful." Her eyes and face smiling brightly now, glowing for the first time in days. The look on her face strengthened him, for what he had to do.

"Yes dear, I know, but now I want to tell you the story again. OK?" He smiled reassuringly.

"Of course grandpa. I love your stories, especially that one. Tell it to me."

"Long ago and far away." He began. "The first unicorn was in the garden of Eden crying. He was all alone. The horses would not play with him and he was sad and lonely. God looked down and saw him crying. Reaching down He touched the Unicorn and turned him silver white and gave him wings. The Unicorn stopped crying and looked up.
God then said 'You are special and you shall have the special purpose of guarding and watching over all my children as they sleep. When you spread your wings over a troubled heart it will be troubled no more. Where there are tears or sadness your presence will bring peace and rest. Will you do this for me?' The Unicorn stopped crying and stood proud and tall. He was special? He was special! He was filled with pride to have such a special responsibility."

Then God said, "You may only fly at night and you must only stay long enough for my children to fall asleep. Then you must move on. There will be many who will need you. You may spread your wings over them and protect them. You may wrap them in your wings. You may nuzzle them. But you must love and protect them. Your horn will become a symbol of your single simple purpose. You are special and your horn will mark you as special for all to see."

"Oh grandpa, I know the story why did you want to tell it to me now, in the middle of the day?" Her little eyes questioned and searched his soul. How was he going to answer her? How was he to tell her? What was he going to say?

"Well Honey that is not the whole story. God had one more instruction for the Unicorn before he left.”

"What was it grandpa? You never told me this before?" She said very intently.

He was choking back tears and his lip quivered.

"Oh grandpa, does it have anything to do with my going to see God?"

He was crying now. Her little arms reached for him and he bent and hugged her. Regaining his composure he returned her smile and continued.

"One last thing God told the Silver Unicorn." He said choking but regaining his control. “You may only be seen in my children's dreams, except when it is time to bring them to me. Then and only then may they actually see you, touch you and feel you as you carry them to me. This very special responsibility I give to you because of your loving and caring heart. You are to raise them up with your wing and place them on your back. Then gently carry them to me. Now go and bring peaceful sleep to all my children and know that you are special because you are one of my creatures."

"Oh grandpa! You mean I am going to see the Unicorn? I am really going to see him? He will fly me into the light that mummy told me about?” Her face glowed and her eyes filled with excited happiness. "Oh grandpa I won't be afraid anymore, I will get to see my Unicorn. Tell me what you always do just before I have to turn out the light and go to sleep!"

"OK! Honey." He replied

"Close your eyes and sleep now peacefully. Dream of the Silver Unicorn, he will come in your dream and spread his wings to protect you. He will wrap you in his wings to bring peace to your heart and happiness to your dreams. When you awake you will have rested knowing the Silver Unicorn of Peace has touched your sleep."

"Oh! Thank you grandpa, I think I'll take a nap now. I'm very tired."

Twenty minutes later she slipped quietly into endless sleep, smiling.

©Copyright 1996 Robert L. Lehmann
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