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The Shift to Me

Why would a loving God send anyone to hell?

Ever heard this question? There are a dozen answers... but in asking the question, I realize.
It's about what God does to/or for someone. The universe doesn't revolve around us, God doesn't
have to do anything for us. He doesn't exist for our sake. If anyone goes to hell... it's not
God's fault. It's their choice.

The real question is....

Why would anyone choose hell over a loving God?

If you only talk to God when you're in trouble, you're in trouble" - Billy Graham
Why would you send a disobedient child to their room and ground them from the dance?

Then when they continue in disobedience, why does the judge lock them away?

Tragedies bring forth true repentance CRYING OUT Abba Father. John the Baptist said it best.

Glory be to God. Amen
He is so good to us and so patient with us; why can we not just get so fed up with the world system that we rise up and stand unified with each other in Christ?

He says those that love Him keep His commandments. I love Him so much but I am tried everyday and fall short everyday. Praise God for His grace, mercy, compassion, kindness...
I think the hard part for most is to admit they are sinners and need saving. I know I have always thought I was going to heaven even when I was a drug addict, alcoholic and fornicator, I did not know any better at the time. But at that same time if you had asked me if I was going to hell. I would of told you no way I believe. Not until I started reading the bible and that sinful old life died, did I realize man I am lucky Jesus did not come when I was living that sinful lifestyle, I would of been doomed.

I guess what I am saying is most sinners are so blind they do not see the truth, at least from my past experience, and many people that I know today.
A true believer isn't blind to our own sin; God shows me everyday mine own...and the sinner sat humbly on the floor and would not lift his eyes to heaven @nd said forgive me Lord a sinner.