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The Rich Man

There was a very rich man who was just about to die and he wanted to take some of his wealth with him. So he started negotiations with God about the matter. God was not sure as it had never been done before and he did not want to set a precedence. Finally after long talks God reluctantly agreed to allow him to bring his wealth to heaven.

Just a few days before he died the rich man converted all his money into gold bullion. He died and the funeral home made sure that the suitcases containing the gold bullion went with him. He arrived at the Pearly Gates with his suitcases and there was Peter. Peter told him he could not bring the suitcases into heaven. But the man said he had already spoken to God and he had said it was OK. So Peter got on the God phone and sure enough it was true. So Peter was curious as to what was so valuable that the man wanted to bring it into heaven. Peter said, "Could I look in the suitcases?"

So the man opened the suitcases and Peter exclaimed, "Why are you bringing pavement to heaven!"
that is good......i do like that one. Now I just have to try and remember it to tell to others!!!
Staff Member
First time I heard this one :) Very nice thank you for sharing
lol. My brother's the same age as yours. I would explain it to him, but I know he'll never get it.
I do not get it

At first I did not get it, I thought that the funeral home stole the mans gold and put concrete in it, but it then occured that heaven has streets of gold!!! Very nice!!!! :thumbs_up

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