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The Queen of Nerds

I will be quite honest with you guys. I am not one for going shopping, watchin' movies, or doing stuff that most people enjoy doing.

I discovered last Saturday what I enjoy doing. First of all, you must understand I am 19 years old and have travelled alot and attend college. I proceed. Saturday night, I sat with a friend and read a book on politics "Don't think of an elephant!" by George Lakoff, and analyzed it to the bone for several hours. Meanwhile, we plotted how we were going to become millionaires by writing books and buy an island, improve its economy, and make it the next world power.

Yes. That is what two teenagers did on a Saturday night. Shocking.

[nobody worry, I am not seeking to overthrow any government or conquer any nation, I just dream of making the world a better place and all of you are welcome to come live on my island as long as you do not smuggle any drugs in.]

Good night.
I'm so Shocked! :sleep:

A few Months ago I finnished reading a book about punctuation called "Eats, Shoots and leaves"(forgotten the author's name), and more recently I completed reading the "Dalek survival guide" published by the BBC.
I can't really say i have an adequtely simeler experiance to compare with your Island scheme, unless you can count the planning of a coup on the
Bx Eisteddiford society.



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