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The Purpose Driven.

I just want to encourage all my brothers and sisters that if you havnt read it you should do so. The book is called " The Purpose Driven " By Rick Warren.
I'm sure many of you have heard of it but for those who havnt then listen carefully.

The whole purpose of this book is for you to discover what you are here for. What your purpose is.Its a 40 day journey. It will help you understand why you are alive and Gods amazing plan for you. Rick Warren guides you through a personal 40 day spiritual jopurney that will transform your answer to lifes most important question : what on earth am I here for?

I could go on for hours of how this book has helped me in my journey with Christ. I encourage you to read it. And continue the 40 day journey.
We're about to use that book in our church! We will start in Februari and will finish on eastern. I'm very anxious about it and most certainly can use some study. Due to my pregnancy I missed a lot of church and biblestudy this past year, so I feel a little behind...:)
I also wonder what it will do to our church since all the members will participate. I imagine that it will have a great impact!