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the power of words and images

i have some thing coming to mind,ive been thinking about, in 1975 there was a professer in a univercity in America, who discovered an internet behind the internet, not long after he was closed down, by the men in black suits.
he made this statement , who ever had control of this , could have control, and fanancial control over the masses beyound , any thing Stalin could have dreamed of.
now with super computers, that can process so much information, at increadable speeds, cctv cameras every where, the internet truely going global into every country, every faith, as also satalite T.V the media, micro chips. Artificial intellegence. www 666? how long before we talk to our computers/ phones and it talks back, also understanding instructions ect ?
How much can we, people be controled, conditioned, influenced. by the images we are seeing,and what we are hearing.
And who is doing the controling , and influencing, and to what end.
can present and future events be brought about , for example if these things are being used, and those using them. want every one to go to the right, for instance , can this now be brought about using and manipulating, these mediums.
for instance if some one wanted to start a war say the middle east,could this be brought about.
just using words and images, to create the climate. then to light the fuse?
can it almost be programed in,? to bring about the desired effect, the end effect being complete control over the masses. or another agenda.
the power of images, 9/11,for instance, creating images, to bring about a desired effect and action.
also how satan can use these tools,and create images, to destroy and decieve, the hearts of men.
i understand all these tools can, and are, also used in a good and posative way, also. johnny

an intresting reply

Re: the power of words and images.

by veteran on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:16 pm
You're talking about Orwelian stuff. Read George Orwell's novel called "1984", which is a portrayal of a complete totaltarian society with one ruling class controlling a worker class. It's basically a Communist society stretched to the max.

Might want to read Georgetown history professor Carrol Quigley's book Tragedy And Hope, if you can find a copy. In it he actually documented and admitted to having been allowed to see the secret records of those behind the ruling class elite in America. He names the people involved who early in this century sought to acquire control of the twenty five most influential newspapers in America, the NY Times and Wall Street Journal being just a couple of them, the purpose being to use them as guides for the rest of the news media outlets. UPI and API news filters the news feeds they get from overseas correspondants, and then it goes out to the rest of media sources, like one main point of control, not what one would call a free press at all. That's not just the way it is in America, it's also how it is in Europe and Asia.

This is why I rely more on actual free press outlets like American Family Network, Newsmax, and Worldnetdaily. Depending on WHERE you get your news can largely depend on the influence of propaganda designed to sway your opinions into a certain line. Same way with TV and radio media. Contrast lot of the Leftist propaganda on National Public Radio with conservative talk radio or AFN.

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