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The Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan,1678

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I have started reading the book, Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, published first in 1678 last night.

The foreword of the book is written as an apology to the readers, especially church leaders of his time, written in a style that feels like a strangely worded poem, but I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in every verse.

My mom gave me the book in April, I saw it last week on my book case in my room and I thought "strange, wonder what that is". I didn't give notice again and last night as I went to bed, I decided to take a look at it.

My mom wrote a message to me in the front saying "Please read this book, it is one of the most important books you will ever read, except for the Bible, I love you".

I thought that message alone from my mom meant something, so I got to reading it straight away.

I am about 1/4 through the Pilgrim, who's name is Christian, progress.

It's an entertaining book, it's one of those books where I need to pray every 4 pages for God to open my heart and mind to the message, it's wonderful.

The book teaches you in parables and stories how your life as a Christian is going to be, which types of people you will meet, like Mr. Worldly Wiseman and The Interpreter. Each character fits the description of his name and it is written in a way that you actually get a deeper understanding of which people you are going to encounter, which I can assure you, you will encounter.

I'll give my final opinion on the book when I'm finished with it, although at this stage I'm really loving it.

The book is written, according to today's standards in "difficult" English, or old English. But funnily enough John Bunyan was criticised for his vulgar usage of the English language, because in those days, his style of writing was known as "common English".

In the book, reference to Scripture containing the "verse" or topic in the story is given, which is wonderful as well.

God bless you and keep well.
Faithful Son
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Pilgrim's Progress

Dear Faithful Son

I hope you will be truly blessed reading The Pigrims Progress. It is one of the most rewarding books that I have ever read.

John Bunyan's own life story shows the wonderful grace and saving power our Lord and this is reflected in all his works

If ever you have the opportunity try to read Grace Abounding also by John Bunyan.

Praying you recieve the Lords richest blessing

Loyal Member
Love this book was greatly encouraged by it.
I am now reading a biography about John Bunyan its interesting to find out about his life.
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Just want to say finished reading The Holy War and while not in the same league as classic Pilgrims Progress still worthy of a read especially for anyone engaged or experiencing in spiritual warfare its a good parable.
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