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The parable of corona virus

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Hi everyone. i just want to share something that I've been meditating on about this situation we've got with corona virus, but I'll just use it as an example. We look at all precautions that are being used in these times with the virus as wearing a mask, being at the distance from each other etc. Just think that when everything started there were persons that didn't even believe all of this was real until the virus didn't reach them. in the beginning in some places people would look at you as almost a crazy person because you are wearing a mask. With all of this we just see that the man by himself doesn't listen to warnings. He likes to think that trouble will never happen to him, that everything will be fine, no worries. Here by us the phrase " Everything will be fine " is displayed all over. But this phrase is not the one that we need to get hold on, especially us, because what we really need to hold on is Jesus and our hope is in Him. ( I really hope things will get better ) So we can see with this situation how our nature is. And I wanted to use this just as an example, because as man usually doesn't listen to warnings for anything might be, in the same way doesn't listen to the warnings of God. The warning of judgement for example. " And it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgement " Hebrews 9:27 Generally this particular part which the Bible so much speaks about escapes from people's minds. At least from what I see. Some people just think that God will give you a better life, will prosper you, you will have a happy marriage, good family etc. All of this is fine and it can happen, but God is not warning us and telling us to obey Him, because if not we will not have those things, but He is warning us for the judgement that's about to come. How to escape it, how not to be judged with this world. It is only through the blood of Jesus. Only through receiving His forgiveness. When I am speaking for the judgement I am not speaking for the end times, but for the judgement that everyone will face one day after finishing his life here and I am not saying that whoever is cautious for this corona virus will be cautious with what God says. I am just using this as an example. Let's see the story of Noah. Building the ark on the dry land with probably no signs of rain around. Surely for the people from that time he was considered a bit crazy. Until the day when the flood came. Surely he was warning them. Same as the christians today. their job is to warn the people about the judgement, that one day everything will finish and they will have to face their Creator and give an account of their life. And these christians are also considered as crazy from this world. But nevertheless the message is been preached. " Everything will be fine " people say, " It is not true, it won't happen to me ". This is the self confidence we are talking about and this kind of confidence is false. As that man saying: " Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry. " Luke 12:16-21 And he didn't know that the very same night his soul was going to be required. And this is how man in general is. He needs a miracle in his life, so that he can pay attention to the warnings God gives him. Some of these days as I was wearing a mask, when someone was asking me why, I wanted to answer that I am one of those crazy people who listen to the warnings. And the same we need to be with God's words. If paying attention to something you can see is difficult sometimes, just imagine how is for man to listen and obey and be cautious for something like the judgement of God that he can not see yet. That's why faith is needed and a conviction from God. I remember some of these prophets from the old testament that had to do something just to set an example for the people, so that they can understand God's word. I almost felt like them these days and I wanted to say to the people: " In the same way as I carry this mask, because I want to be cautious for this virus, you also have to be cautious to the God's word and listen to it, so that you can escape judgement.
This is it. I wasn't referring only for the virus situation, but I just used it as an example.