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- The Old Book and the Old Faith –

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Isaiah 40:8, “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever”

I wanted to share with you another great hymn written by George H. Carr. However, I’m sad to say that I couldn’t find any information regarding the writer of this precious hymn. However, I would like to mention a few things concerning the “Old Book” and the “Old Faith”, which this hymn writer speaks about.

I truly believe that the greatest cause for our neglect of the Bible today isn’t a lack of time but a lack of heart and apathy. The words of someone else are taking the place of the inspired and eternal written Word of God. I agree there are many good books to read; however, we must never neglect the mysteries of God's mercy, grace and love written on the pages of the Bible, which will change a person’s heart, mind and life forever more.

My friend, no other book will do that! I can attest to fact the Bible, God's breathed and eternal Word, changes lives. It changed my life when I accepted His Son, Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord; and you know what; if you want such a change in your life, receive Jesus as your Savior. It’s only a prayer away! Then ask God to give you a desire for His Word and a hunger to taste His grace, mercy, love and goodness every day.

It’s the only Book that will bless, strengthen and encourage you while you're still in this world, and it will show you that through faith in Jesus Christ you can be sure of eternal blessedness in the world to come. This old hymn is for everyone, so I trust you will consider the simple message of salvation through God’s Son, which is so clearly given.

- The Old Book and the Old Faith –

’Mid the storms of doubt and unbelief, we fear,
Stands a Book eternal that the saints hold dear;
Thro’ the restless ages it remains the same—
’Tis the Book of God, and the Bible is its name!


The old Book and the old faith
Are the rock on which I stand!
The old Book and the old faith
Are the bulwark of the land!

Thro’ storm and stress they stand the test
In every clime and nation blessed;
The old Book and the old faith
Are the hope of every land!

’Tis the Book that tells us of the Father’s love,
When He sent His Son to us from Heav’n above,
Who by richest promise creates hope within,
For ’tis through His blood we are saved from every sin!

’Tis the Book that tells us of the will of God
And the Savior’s teachings while the earth He trod—
How He soothed earth’s sorrows and relieved its woe,
Through whom strength is given to conquer every foe!

’Tis the Book that tells us of eternal life,
After faithful service in a world of strife,
And this glorious triumph over death’s dark fears
Is the world’s best gift in an age of countless tears.

Oh, the grand old Book and the dear old faith
Are the rock on which I stand!
Oh, the grand old Book and the dear old faith
Are the hope of every land!

Further reflection:

Have you even considered that we have at our very disposal the precious written Word of Life, given to us, by its author and our creator God, who breathed into man the breath of life? Loren D. Esthleman said this about the Bible, “Lay chosen faith aside and read this beautifully written book.” Madeleine L’ Engle Franklin added, “It is the foundation stone of the English language.” Lastly, John Jakes urged people to read the Bible “for the magic, and the possibilities, of its English.”

My beloved, although these writers had some high praise for God’s Word, their endorsement isn’t the reason we should read His Book. The Bible merits our attention because it is God’s breathed and inspired Word of Truth and He has preserved it for us as stated in Isaiah. God who created you and me, has given us His Book, and we need to make it our Book. By reading it, pouring over it, meditating on it, and putting into practice what it says, we begin to know God Himself, and in the process, we fulfill for ourselves the psalmist’s quest, “I have sought Your precepts … I have seen the consummation of all perfection.”

Furthermore, it’s the only Book that speaks of earthly things and human experiences (good and bad). It also describes with clarity and authority areas of heaven and earth, things seen and unseen; revealing facts about God, angels, men, time and eternity, life and death; of sin; of heaven and hell. More importantly we find within its pages everything we need to know to receive salvation and have a personal relationship with God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Someone put it this way, “We won’t give up the Bible, for it alone can tell the way to save our ruined souls from sin, death and hell”.

The Bible is a record of man’s complete ruin in sin and God’s complete remedy in Christ

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