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The Odd Shot

I like to take photographs now and again, but I am a bit quirky at times and end up taking shots that most people would not take. I call these the Odd Shots of photography.
Please feel free to add your Odd Shot to this thread.
I am sure the TJ members will find them interesting, odd, quirky and fun.

Here is a photo of a small ocean shore rock pool. To my it looks like a flooded canyon/valley.

Now with digital photography we can take hundreds of photos without worry about film costs. Where this comes into play is when taking shots of an image that continually changes shape, like the reflections off rippled water. My favourite spot for doing this is at a wharf with a colorful boat attached to it.

This shot ...

...reminded me of the Scorpion fish.
While waiting for a sunset to appear, I noticed this boy arriving on the wharf, playing with a stick. He ventured to the wharf edge and starred down into the water for awhile. Then he pretended he was fishing, flicking the rod up and down. I quickly took this shot just before he finished.
The face
Captured this shot on my way home. I pulled off the road to take some sunset photos over the flat lands near Hay, Australia.
It was a bit windy, and the cloud shapes varied, but after this snapshot I was in too much awe to take anymore.

Cloud Chasing the Moon

Am I the only odd-ball that takes odd-shots? . . . Don't answer that.
Hoping to see someone else's odd shots.
Hello mecco. Thanks for your support.
I am unfamiliar with iPad.
What I do, from my computer, is upload an image to the website 'Photobucket' (there are many other image storage websites). Then I copy the hyperlink of that stored image, and paste it in a post here.
Photobucket has several link options. The link I use is called, 'Direct'. I copy this link and then paste it on my reply post, then add the IMG (in [ ] brackets) html code before, and /IMG (in [ ] brackets) after the link.

I am sure others have better answers to your question.
Looking forward to seeing your Odd Shots.

This is just a bay leaf sprinkled with dew. The sunlight had not yet dried the dew,but it would soon.
Thanks mecco, that is a lovely odd shot. It sure has a lot of dew on it. It looks like it is studded with little diamonds.
Nature has a lot of beauty and wonder for us to witness God's creation.

This is a caterpillar holding onto a bit of grass. It must have fallen from the tree above. Reminds me of the poster..Hold on! Friday's coming!
This is a caterpillar holding onto a bit of grass. It must have fallen from the tree above. Reminds me of the poster..Hold on! Friday's coming!
mecco, that is an interesting photo.
I do not know that poster, and could not find it on the Internet.
However, I always find it so amazing how a caterpillar (a grub) can metamorphose into a moth or butterfly.

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