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The Most Vulnerable

Staff Member
I said to them, “According to our ability we have redeemed (purchased back) our Jewish brothers who were sold to the [Gentile] nations; now would you even sell your brothers, that they might be sold to us?” Then they were silent and could not find a [single] word to say. Nehemiah 5:8 AMPC

Nehemiah spoke with authority. Some people had been sold into slavery when they couldn’t pay their bills. Nehemiah was part of a group that had actively been buying Hebrew slaves from other countries and setting them free. Some local Hebrews were selling other Jews, expecting Nehemiah to pay the price to redeem them. They used the generosity of one group to get a slave payment for those who couldn’t pay their bills.

Nehemiah did some public shaming to get them to stop. Zechariah 7:9 says, “Thus has the Lord of hosts spoken: Execute true judgment and show mercy and kindness and tender compassion, every man to his brother” (AMPC).

Human trafficking doesn’t fit God’s view of how mankind should treat mankind.

You might be called to endure an injustice and offer forgiveness, but you might be asked to step up, stand up, and speak up against the injustice someone else faces. The most vulnerable have the least opportunity to help themselves. When they ask God for help, He might send you.

Prayer: Father, give me a heart that identifies with those who hurt, a voice used to comfort others, and a will to help when it’s just the right thing to do.
Staff Member
Pimps are also now included under the banner of, sex trafficking, traffickers.
Dear BunnyOnion,
I gave you a heart, not because I liked it, but for putting that reminder out there that it's a lot closer then one would admit. The dark shadow is everywhere, and affects the lives of many, and in a myriad of ways whose stories are yet untold.

Thanks again!