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the mission life

my grandparents r missionaries in Hungary, and last year i spent my freshman year of highschool with them. they took me places, i mean all over europe, and ya. it was fun. but being away from my parents really was hard. i went thru a lot of changes over there, the most important was my relationship with God. it changed drmatically. i mean, He was always important to me, and all, but because i was away from my parents, i took the oppritunity to see Him as my Father. it was a wonderful expirience!i kno i could have taken the same oppritunity anytime, and so can a lot of people. i want to encourage those new christians, and whoever to look at God as their Father, literally. it was a weird thought at first for me, but it was worth it.

God Bless, and shalom!

Thats awsome! I'm really glad that you see God as your Father now, and not just as somone important, though its good to see him as that as well. I'm glad that your relationship with God grew, thats great!

i went on a mission trip like, um easter last yr...

an yea, i agree.. they r awesome things to go on, short term missions r like good 4 a person not knowing if its wot God wants them 2 do or not...

but yea, glad ur r/ship wif da Lord changed. i know mine did..
ya....i would like to do a short term mission. i think tht would be very fun. i've never done one. long term was very hard. i think my parents could consent to a short term noe, lol.
i didnt go on like a missionary or anything like that but i went over to america first for a conference in LA for a week and then went to visit a church in gig harbour, seattle for a month and i went by myself it was a totally awesome experience!!
Well it's not Xactly a Missionary tri[ As such just a confrence i been hearing about and i am feeling really led to go and enjoy the time there, in Adelaid... :):):):) soem ppl will knwo of what i speak no doubt... :):):)

Love simon!!!
if u feel led, u should go, u might have the time of ur life. God might have something great in store for u. ;-)


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